GES token holders' benefit:

The value of GES Token will be multiplied many times when GES products are introduced and disseminated to partners around the world. The starting price of GES Token when listing on international exchanges is $0.35 (expected listing time is Q3 – 2020). We expect our game ecosytem will generate a revenue of $30 million in the first year of operation, and the token price will rise to above $2.

Investors owning GES Token will enjoy many benefits from the huge revenue sources, including the following:

Earn up to 50% revenues share from the game ecosystem & share revenues from GES Platforms like: GES Wallets,…

High profits from rising in GES Token prices.

Receive GEM Voucher to play e-casino game on Gemvip247.

2% direct comission when reffering customers to purchase investments packages.

Pre-sales Round

Investment packages

Instruction to join Pre-sales program

First of we release our major update with usercenter design which is most important part of Pre-sales program management. It allows to manage whole process of tokens sales.

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